Ski Touring

Ski touring or backcountry skiing- experience the silence, joy and satisfaction of earning your turns. The lifts only stop turning when you tell them to, they are your own legs.

Ski areas only access a tiny fraction of NZ’s skiable terrain.  The rest remains mostly overlooked and untracked.

Ski Touring

5-Day glacier ski  trip

Price pp: $1850 (1:4) $2150 (1:3),
$3500 (1:2), $6300 (1:1)
Season: July – November
Riding level: Intermediate to Expert
Fitness level: moderate and above
Guiding: max 1:4

Custom trips

Price  $850 per day plus costs
Season: July – November
Riding level: All levels
Fitness level: All levels
Guiding: max 1:6

Go ski touring on the best possible terrain

We can access a variety of terrain to suit your skills and travel further into the mountains.  We can select runs suited to the group fitness, ski ability and avalanche conditions of the day.

Ski touring skis and split boards or snowshoes lets us gain height. That gives an opportunity to assess the snowpack before transitioning to the descent.  Then we enjoy the spoils of our labour: fresh untracked powder or smooth spring snow.

ski touring NZ
ski touring NZ

Ski touring offers great experiences in the winter backcountry

Journey to an alpine hut and stay the night above the snowline or among the giant glaciers of New Zealand’s high glacial plateaus. Watch the sun set into the ocean while skiing down the glacier to the hut below, in the last of the day’s light.

Ski in the moonlight under the Milky Way, these are some of the many things the world of ski touring has to offer.

Improve your ski touring skills

Learn the skills involved in planning; understanding the avalanche report, weather forecasts and map reading.

Be able to assess and execute ski touring routes so you can travel independently.  Accurately assess the risks involved and then have the skills and tools to manage them effectively.

We also run avalanche safety courses, either separately or included in a longer ski touring trip.

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